Gynecomastia Surgery Procedure

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Gynecomastia Surgery ProcedureGynecomastia surgery is a type of surgery that focuses on the reduction of mammary glands size in men. This makes the chest of a man to be enhanced and flat thus improving the basic contours of a man’s chest. The chest of a man should not have surging mammary glands similar to those of women, gynecomastia surgery comes to correct this defect. In extreme cases, the mammary tissues of a man can be so large such that it extends the dark part of the breast also called the areola, gynecomastia helps to recover this. This article therefore, will look into what happens in the operating room in order for a surgeon to correct your excess breast tissues.

Interview with the Surgeon

Like any other medical consultation, the doctor will ask you questions regarding why you want gynecomastia surgery done. He or she will research on your medical history to check whether you are fit for surgery. He or she will advise you on whether your condition will be best corrected using the gynecomastia surgery. He will explain to you the different techniques of doing the surgery and recommend you on the one that best suits you. He or she will examine your breasts to check on their condition and test them if they have a growth or its just excess tissues. This helps him or her to carry out the surgery knowing all that can happen during the surgery.

Administering Anesthesia

Anesthesia is a drug that is administered into your body to make you non-conscious so that you cannot feel any pain during the operation. This enables you to be comfortable and to avoid any distractions during the operation. There are different types of anesthesia, which include intravenous sedation or general anesthesia; your medical practitioner will advise you the one that suits you. Anesthesia is of great importance in any surgical operation not just gynecomastia surgery.

Liposuction Method

This will determine on the problem you have with your breasts. If your enlarged breasts are, being caused by the excess fats on its tissue liposuction is the method the doctor will use to correct the defect. In this method, the doctor will make several incision on the lower part of your breast and insert small and thin tubes. The tubes are then moved fourth and back to loosen the excess fats in the breast, which is then removed from the body by vacuum suction.

Excision Method

This method is used where there are a serious defect in your breast like the nipple is in the wrong position or when the excess tissues in the breast must be removed completely from your breasts. This involves making an incision on the mammary glands and completely removing the tissues in the operation. This is more like a normal operation of your breast.

As you can see there are many gynecomastia surgery procedure options that one can look at if other methods have not worked to get rid of your man boobs.

April 27, 2017

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