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This was a fun little detail. car detailing Melbourne I got to try out a slew of new products that I recenetly ordered. I had very high hopes and expectations for this one considering all the reviews I read about the new products. That being said though I had this X3 show up in the morning desperatly begging to be shiney and glossy yet again. The poor little thing knew it had the potential but it’s a daily driven machine that has seen entirely way to many swirl – o- matics.

As yu can see a fair amount of marring and usual daily driver wear and tear was present that would need to be addressed. The interior was in need of a good spruce up as well. Nothing to bad but a well used little Daily driver. Being the daily driver that it was the interior realyl needed some good old TLC attention to get it back in shape.

First up wash the prep work. A foam gun pre-soak was a good initial step to get all the contaminants loosened up. Then a 2 bucket wash and a good clay job to get that paint back to nice and smooth and ready for polish. I also took care of the wheels at this time to get them nice and clean again.

Once cleaned up and prepped I could really asses what was going to be needed to get this paint back in tip top shape.. As you can see the damage from the local car wash was more than evident. This swirling really takes away from the paints ability to properly reflect the light like it should. I see cars on the road like this everyday. I know it’s convienent but the sheer chaos it causes is just numbing sometimes…

Time to break out the new products. Meguair’s professional line up was in order. I really love the 105/205 combo. I don;t understand why more detailers in this area don’t use this set up. They stick with their oil filled sub-par products and try to fool the people around here that they are giving a great service… I wish they would mandate proper training before someone can call themselves a professional detailer.

Using what is quickly being coined as the KBM (Kevin Brown Method) I started getting all those swirls out and getting the paint to reflect again. .

The grease build up on the door jambs was enough for me to break out the new steamer. Completly enivromentally freindly and 100% effective.

Time to get that engine bay looking good again.

To the afters:

The interior stood tall after I got done with it. Looking like it just rolled off the lot now.

And finally after about 10 hours of work this is how black paint should look on a car. The clarity in this paint is unbelievable now.

Great results for a great vehicle. Remember we can do this to any car you bring us. This was a lot of fun for me. The results speak for themselves. If this is something that you would be interested in don’t hesitate to contact us here at Bright Dynamics and we’ll make it happen. Thanks for reading through.

January 25, 2017